Individualized Family Dentistry in Houston

Family dental care is a crucial area of dentistry that provides services to individuals regardless of age. That means that the dental needs of all family members are provided in one location, making it convenient for everyone. At West University Dentistry, we offer family dentistry to treat and prevent dental problems that can impact individuals at any age. Our Houston family dentist treats patients of all ages in a welcoming and warm environment.

Whether you seek dental care for yourself, your spouse, child, teen, or senior family member, we have the technology, experience, and services to deliver the dental care you need. We understand that visiting a new dentist can be intimidating, and we work closely and diligently so that all patients enjoy their routine visits. To book your appointment, call our office today!


What Is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry is a field of dentistry that addresses the varying dental needs of patients at different stages of life. It includes services like oral hygiene, restorative services, and preventive dentistry like dental sealants, fluoride, and teeth cleanings. Our Houston family dentist offers family dental care in combination with other dental services such as dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. At West University Dentistry, we offer a wide range of dental services all under one roof to ensure the needs of every family member are catered for.

Our Comprehensive Family Dentistry in Houston

At West University Dentistry, we understand that every age group needs a different approach since oral health and dental needs change over time. Our family dental services include diagnosis, monitoring, and treating the unique dental conditions affecting patients of different ages. We offer a comprehensive approach to dental care that combines prevention with patient education and compassionate techniques. We're happy to work with patients as young as six months, and we gladly welcome both individuals and families.

Dental Services for Children

Houston family dentistOur Houston family dentist starts treating children as young as six months old. With kids, we strive to be patient and go at their pace to ensure their dental appointments are a positive experience. Our goal is to keep your child relaxed and comfortable so that they enjoy visiting our office and are happy to return.

You can trust our team to focus on keeping your child's gums and teeth healthy and monitoring their development over the years. We offer helpful tips and advice to children and parents that show them the best way to look after their gums and teeth between visits. Our basic services involve dental cleanings and oral examinations to prevent gum disease in children. We also use fluoride varnishes during cleanings and dental sealants to provide additional protection for their teeth.

Dental Care for Teenagers

Our team provides dental services to teenagers to foster excellent oral health and hygiene practices that last a lifetime. We will educate your teen on the importance of proper oral hygiene and health and provide tips for brushing and flossing to guarantee excellent oral health.

We understand that a busier lifestyle, eating habits, and hormonal changes can affect teens' dental health, and we encourage them to focus on maintaining a healthier smile. We also offer cosmetic dental services to boost your teen's self-esteem and confidence. Our practice provides sports guards for active teens in custom colors or even decorated with team logos. Our Houston family dentist will also monitor orthodontic problems and refer them to an orthodontist to help them enjoy better dental health.

Dental Treatments for Adults

family dentist houstonThe West University Dentistry team also provides dental services for adults. We focus on keeping gums and teeth healthy using preventive care and provide restorative solutions to alleviate issues you're dealing with now. If your tooth is damaged or decayed, we will restore it in a way that feels and looks completely natural with our tooth-colored restorations. We provide tooth extraction services except impacted wisdom tooth extraction, where we'll refer you to a trusted specialist.

We understand that adults often struggle with oral infections and gum disease. You can trust our team to provide routine dental cleanings as well as scaling and planing to keep your gums and teeth healthy. We also offer restorative treatments like laser-assisted treatments for periodontal therapy, gum contouring, laser bacterial reduction, aphthous ulcer treatment, and gingivectomies. Our Houston family dentist can also treat minor TMJ issues, and complex problems are referred to ensure adult patients receive the best treatment. We also provide night guards and splints for patients with bruxism.

Providing Effective Family Dentistry in Houston

If you are looking for family dental services, you can trust the team at West University Dentistry to provide excellent services. Our family dentist is experienced and well-equipped to provide everyone in your family with appropriate advice on oral hygiene and treatment solutions based on any challenges faced and age. If you are looking for a seasoned family dentist Houston residents love, we want to be your dentist for life. Contact our office today to schedule your visit for the whole family!



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